On-line analysis

Off-line testing can be both costly and time consuming. Due to the security requirements for off-line testing, the first trip operation is issued before any recording can be done.

By doing that, you have missed very important breaker condition data. First trip analysis enables not only on-line testing, but is also a swift way of determing whether the breaker is operating as it should. And with the SA10, unlike when using other first trip testing equipment, you have the possibility to perform full off-line diagnostic if a breaker problem should be found.

S155 smal

More and more power companies are pushing for some kind of on-line control of their circuit breakers. Not only because of the expensive outage times, but also because of the safety issues involved. On combined breakers where there are now disconnectors, the need is expressed even further.


The SA10 with FSU30 offers you the following on-line measurement possibilities:

  • Trip and Close Coil Current
    The current profiles can be compared to previous signatures or known standards to determine the condition of the mechanism. This is very effective in order to see the behaviors of the trip latch components. You will also determine greasing issues.

  • Main Contact Timing
    Indicates the contact time and shows the possibility of bad contact behaviour. The connection is done with current clamps to the CT's secondary side.

  • Battery Voltage graph
    Monitors the trip battery voltage to determine possible battery problems or wiring issues.

  • Auxiliary Contact Inputs
    Indicates the control contacts and the trip and close initiation signals. For breakers equipped with condition indication signals, this will also give you breaker speed parameters.

  • Transducer Input
    Analog or digital input that provides the user with a travel curve to further analyse the mechanism.

The Equipment 

The FSU30 (Art.No: S155) is a plug-in box to the SA10 and it is delivered complete with current clamps for easy testing. This is a non-invasive way of connecting a mesurement equipment to the breaker while it is still on-line. The unit also allows testing of switch control relays.

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