Travel parameters and fastening brackets

Travel parameters It is important to monitor the contact times on any given circuit breaker. However, it does not tell you much about the linkage and mechanism behavior. 

Today, it is a requirement from IEC IEC62271-100 that reference characteristics for travel parameters are used during type testing, routine testing, and service/commissioning work.

Travel parameters that are important for a good breaker analysis:

  • Stroke

  • Contact penetration

  • Overtravel

  • Undertravel

  • Rebounce

  • Speed

  • Damping

  • Lenght of arcing contact

Service and commissioning of circuit breakers

If you are a member of a service team handling commissioning and service of circuit breakers, you need a flexible kit that handles several breaker types and still gives you the best possible accuracy.

The equipment

You get a partner that is specialised in manufacturing solutions that fits your requirements. There are several transducer fastening brackets designated for a given breaker type available, but also flexible kits that will fit most breakers and mechanisms.

S120 universal fastening kit.
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