Breaker Testing Software BTS11

Test software BTS11. Provided free of charge for use with our products.

For complete testing of the circuit breakers, the analyzing software BTS11 is used. The software is free. The software is used for Elcons field test equipments as well as factory end test equipments. Data between the two different systems can easily be imported/exported. All updates are free and are distributed from our webpage.

To test circuit breakers in general, is to operate the breaker and check the contact timing. However in factory testing and during field service/maintenance some other tests are necessary. For field testing these other tests can also be very useful in diagnostics purpose.

Common operation tests, can be done, with result timing diagrams for up to three phases each with one travel curve, up to twelve contact curves and a common coil current curve. All common tests are performed and evaluated according to established industrial standard. A new test, mainly for field diagnostic, is to take dynamic resistance test curves of an operating main contact. A spring tension motor test, with current timing diagram is also Included.

One of the main intensions with our software is to allow any level of user to be able to test the circuit breaker. This is done by creating a database of your breaker types and allowing the user to just choose his breaker from that database and by doing that everything(test plan, test reports, parameters etc.) is automatically adjusted to comply with that test. Let’s keep it simple. ​

BTS11 features

  • Simple operating control function for all possible tests.
  • Quick test. No settings needed.
  • Test guides for new tests and test objects.
  • Fully automatic test sequences.
  • Set up your own test sequence.
  • Merging of tested single pole/mechanism into 3 phase test objects.
  • Curve analyzing window with many possibilities and tools.
    • Speed and acceleration curves.
    • Complete curve customizability. Color, visibility, filled or regular, etc.
  • Setup of own breaker configurations.
    • Data analyzing function with limit supervision, against function values (measurement limits).
    • Define custom, Speed, Distance, Time measurements.
  • Possibility to customize any operation and adapt the software to any type of circuit breaker.
    • Define the trig conditions. Contact, coil, travel, or analogue trig.
    • Choose sampling rate. Up to 50 kHz.
    • Choose different sampling time.
  • Storing of data in SQL or Access database with several users and user-levels.
  • Statistics analyzing.
  • Import and export guides for data.
  • Setup of display units. (ex: kg or lib, mm, or inch).
  • Up to 3 mechanisms with 12 contact elements per phase with coil and motor currents/voltages.
  • Up to 3 analogue and/or digital travel transducers.
  • Easy functions/guides for calibration.

Test reports

  • Create your own test report templates using the dynamics that MS Word provides. Multi lingual.
  • Extensive protocol functions to meet any customers demands.
  • Digital signing options.
  • Automatic compressing and preparing protocols for email or web-publishing.
  • Create PDF Directly.


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